How many movies did you watch in a theater in 2014?

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movie theater chart

Movie Theaters are America’s favorite pastime, or wait, that’s baseball isn’t it? And according to THR it’s not looking likely that will change as last year’s admissions were the lowest in twenty years. Preliminary estimates state that 1.26 billion people purchased tickets for a movie theater between the first and last day of 2014, which sounds like plenty of people except that it’s the lowest number since 1995, and only slightly ahead of 1994.

To keep perspective, this isn’t a huge departure from past numbers since admissions fell to 1.28 billion people in 2011, however THR does note that this will be the biggest year-over-year decline in nine years with box office slipping six percent from 2013.

However, this doesn’t mean that people don’t love movies or are losing desire to see the movies in movie theaters – they just want to see better movies. In the words of THR the decline in numbers is…

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