Movie Review – The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017)

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As an animal lover, I am not sure if this movie is for me due to the portrayed slaughter of the zoo animals. I understand that this plot point is based on true events.

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War!  Intrigue!  Nazis vs. Zoo animals!

BQB here with a review of The Zookeeper’s Wife.

Based on a true story, this film tells the tale of Jan and Antonina Zabinski, owners/operators of the Warsaw Zoo who used their property to save persecuted Jews during World War II.

Before the war, Jan (Johan Heldenburgh) and Atonina (Jessica Chastain), live an idyllic life.  They love animals and they take care of zebras, elephants, lions, tigers, all sorts of exotic animals on their sprawling property.  They even do a good business, charging admission.

Alas, all this changes because of the Nazis.  Oh you dirty Nazis, you’re always the turd in history’s punch bowl, aren’t you?

The Zabinskis’ zoo is partially destroyed by Nazi bombs dropped all over the city.  What’s left is confiscated.  The animals are shot and turned into meat and soap for the Nazi war effort.

Sidenote:  Whether it’s during World…

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Movie Review – The Promise (2017)

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Romance!  War!  Fezes!  So many fezes.

BQB here with a review of The Promise.

In the waning days of the Ottoman Empire, a love triangle forms between Armenian medical student Mikael (Oscar Isaac or “Poe Dameron” as Star Wars fans know him), American journalist Chris Myers (Christian Bale), and French Armenian artist Ana (Charlotte Le Bon).

Both men yearn for Ana’s heart (and cooter) but there’s much more evil doings afoot.  The Ottoman Empire becomes Germany’s ally in World War I.  Now stronger than ever thanks to their German benefactors, the Turkish majority army sets its sights on the country’s Armenian minority.  Armenians are savagely executed, brutalized, rounded up, sent off to forced labor camps and so on.

Although the film is a love story and a war story, it’s much more than any of that.  As far as I know (and perhaps historians/film buffs can prove me wrong), it’s…

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Movie Review – The Boss Baby (2017)

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Waahh.  Waah.  Take a memo.

BQB here with a review of The Boss Baby.

This film took a joke and stretched it out to the max.   The joke is that babies tend to be little dictatorial bosses.  They scream and cry and their parents immediately come running to cater to their every need.  If the “boss baby” doesn’t get exactly what he/she wants, the parents are in for one heck of a temper tantrum.  In other words, it is pretty much like working for a controlling, domineering boss.

Except this particular boss baby comes with a business suit and a brief case and he speaks in business school lingo with Alec Baldwin’s voice. (“Put that cookie down!  Cookies are for closers only!”)  I could tell you why he does that, but then I’d ruin the film for you.

Miles Bakshi lends his voice to Tommy, the Boss Baby’s older brother…

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